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I am a freelance website designer based in Stamford, Lincolnshire and serve clients across the UK.

My affordable website design, website re-design and search engine optimisation (seo) services have helped my client’s establish an online presence and grow their businesses.

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Looking for a reliable web designer in Stamford?

I specialise in enabling local companies to gain an online presence. At an affordable price while maintaining the professional standards my customers expect and deserve.

It is my belief that the main focus of my work is never to solely produce attractive web pages; I understand how important functionality and delivery of your brand message can be and will work closely with you to fully understand your projects unique requirements.

Website design wireframe


I offer a wide range of website design services including redesigning and search engine optimizing existing websites, link building for new businesses who wish to reach a new audience online and maintaining your website, this may include adding an additional piece of functionality, design amends, or just a bit of advice.


I can provide low cost websites that have all the features you would expect from today’s modern websites.


A fully responsive layout that stretches and shrinks to fit any size screen is essential for a modern website. All my sites are designed and tested to ensure they look great on any device.


All my sites are built in a way that allows search engines to crawl the site and understand each page, I regularly make contact with my clients to discuss ways to improve how there site is ranked by the search engines.


I can fix a wide range of problems with existing websites including improving how a website appears in search results and design issues such as text and images that won’t display properly, unwanted margins, overlapping images or difficult to use mobile versions.


I can set up your website hassle free with super fast servers located in the UK and help you find the perfect website address for your business, blog or online portfolio.


On Facebook, Twitter, Youtube? I can integrate your existing social media activities into your website with embedded pages, like/share buttons and many other options.


It is my belief that creating a website shouldn’t be difficult or stressful. Developing your new website should be a fun, relaxed process where we both have a clear path to achieving your goals

group of people in a design meeting
website on tablet
Men reviewing website

Our previous experience with a web design company left us extremely disappointed. We came to Level Two Design with an old website and requested a complete redesign. They took the time to understand my business and developed a stunning website that projected the right image for my target market. I am delighted with the website and it has already attracted new customers to us.